Foundations we support

Reddometta is honored to support organizations driving real change to empower women and children and strengthen our global communities. Our goal is to make it simple and straightforward for consumers to make a difference, and we hand-pick non-profit groups that want to do the same. Social change and giving back have continuously been the heart of our initiative.

We target our philanthropy to reach areas that are important to the future of our global vitality and success, and we know that with your help, we can stand together to make a greater impact in people’s lives.

Who we fund

Women`s impact

Founded by Chris Linnares in 2011, Women’s Impact sprouted from an inspirational moment she experienced when a single mom donated an hour a week of her free time from her hectic life as an English Teacher to help Linnares learn a new language so she could cope with living in a different country. Since then, she has built the organization with the sole purpose of connecting women in a community of support. As a result, women become confident so they can flourish as a force for good to impact their lives, families, communities, and ultimately, the world. is a non-profit organization founded by entrepreneur Gary White and actor Matt Damon. Its mission is to provide global access to clean water and proper sanitation, with results that have successfully impacted hundreds of areas in Africa, South Asia, and Central America. works with local partners to bring water and toilets to impoverished villages in developing nations, not just to improve people’s lives, but to save them from the disease that a lack of sanitation causes.


The Zimmer Children’s Museum is a non-profit cultural institution located on Museum Row in Los Angeles, and features hands-on exhibits for children 0-8 to explore BIG IDEAS in creative and inspiring settings. The Zimmer is also the only museum dedicated specifically to kids and families in Los Angeles. The Zimmer Children’s Museum’s mission is to make a better society through interactive learning, creative self-expression and art experiences for children and families. We are dedicated to teaching people about the BIG IDEAS of global citizenship, community responsibility, and cultural sensitivity.


Orchid Project was founded in June 2010 and gained official UK charitable status in April 2011. Julia Lalla-Maharajh, Orchid Project’s founder, was volunteering in Ethiopia when she came across the scale and extent of female genital cutting there. She returned to the UK determined to do something about this. She volunteered with various NGOs working on FGC to discover more about the possibilities for ending FGC.


Alaska Children’s Trust (ACT) was established in 1988 with the goal of preventing child abuse and neglect throughout the state. It is our mission to ensure all Alaskan children grow up in a family and community that provides them with all the tools and resources necessary to make their dreams come true.


We equip groups already engaged in social justice causes with the tools and education they need to get their message out. This helps them raise the support they need to continue their life-saving work.


Hope for Afghanistan mission is to empower widows, their children and the extreme poor to take steps toward self-Sufficiency through small business and vocational training, equip girl and boys from vulnerable families for the future through education and to easing the burden of vulnerable individuals and families during times of emergency need.